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Building Plan

Parish survey results

Project Background and Objectives

In the latter part of 2022, the Parish took a bold step towards enhancing their community's well-being by conducting a survey of its parishioners, with the unwavering support of the research experts at Versus Research. This survey aimed to gain valuable insights into the demographics and unique makeup of the parish, among other important factors.

With this critical information at their fingertips, the dynamic Leadership Team could forge ahead with innovative initiatives that would best support and uplift the community. The Parish is thrilled to be taking proactive steps towards a brighter and more inclusive future!

Method and Sample

The questionnaire that fueled this project was crafted by the brilliant minds at Christchurch West, in collaboration with the research wizards at Versus Research. Want to check it out? You can find a copy of this epic questionnaire in the appendix of this document.

To ensure maximum participation, we went old-school and made paper copies available during Mass for two whole weeks.

Parishioners eagerly took on the challenge and returned their completed surveys, which were then digitized and fed into Versus Research's online analysis system.

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Action Plan

The Senior Leadership Team and Strategic Team will be taking time in the new year to review, reflect and pray on the results and discern practical pastoral applications for the parish.

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