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Planned Giving 

At Christchurch West, we believe that stewardship is a way of life, reflecting our gratitude to God for all His blessings. Planned giving is a tangible expression of this gratitude, allowing us to give back to God from the gifts He has bestowed upon us. It supports the life and mission of our parish, helping us to maintain our worship spaces, run community programs, and provide for those in need.
By choosing planned giving, you ensure consistent support for your parish, enabling us to plan and budget more effectively. It’s a commitment that fosters our parish's growth and sustainability, ensuring that we can continue to serve as a beacon of faith and love in our community.

How to Participate in Planned Giving

We invite every parishioner to prayerfully consider joining our planned giving program. It's more than just a financial decision; it's a spiritual commitment to the growth and vitality of our parish family. Your support makes a world of difference in the lives of so many and helps further the mission of our Church.
Thank you for considering this vital aspect of stewardship and for your generous support of Christchurch West. Together, we can continue to build a vibrant, faith-filled community for generations to come.

Bank-to-Bank Transfer

The most effective way to participate in planned giving is through a direct bank-to-bank transfer. This method ensures a regular and hassle-free contribution to our parish’s mission. Set up a weekly transfer with your bank, choosing an amount you're comfortable with, as a sign of your ongoing commitment to our faith community.

Account Name: The Catholic Parish of Christchurch West​

Account Number: 03-1592-0207746-020​

Reference: Planned Giving

Code: Surname, Name

Online System

For those who prefer digital convenience, signing up through our online donation system is a great option. Visit our parish website, navigate to the Donating section, and follow the prompts to set up your planned giving online. This method provides flexibility and allows you to adjust your contributions as needed.

Envelope System

If you prefer a more traditional approach, the envelope system allows you to contribute via cash or cheque during Mass. Please ensure you’ve signed up for this option, so we can provide you with numbered envelopes, ensuring your donations are recorded for tax purposes.

Ensuring You're Signed Up

Regardless of your chosen method, it’s crucial to make sure you're registered as a part of our parish. This not only helps us keep you informed and connected with our community but also makes your contributions eligible for a tax credit. You can sign up or verify your registration on our parish website, under the “Parish Registration” 

The Importance of Tax Credit

In New Zealand, supporting your parish through donations not only contributes to the thriving of our community but also offers financial benefits to you as a donor. Under the current tax laws, individuals can claim a tax credit for donations made to approved donee organisations, which includes our parish. This means that for every dollar you donate, you can claim back 33.33% as a tax credit, up to the limit of your total income.

Why this Matters:

 By taking advantage of this tax rebate, you're effectively increasing the impact of your generosity without additional cost to yourself. It's an opportunity to further support the parish's missions and projects, knowing that a portion of your donation comes back to you in the form of a tax credit.

What You Need to Do:

To ensure you can claim your tax rebate, it's crucial to keep a record of your donations. For bank-to-bank transfers and online donations, your bank statement can serve as a record. If you prefer using donation envelopes, ensure your details are clearly written on each envelope.

How to Claim Your
Tax Credit:

At the end of the tax year, you'll need to file a Tax Credit Claim Form (IR526) with the Inland Revenue, attaching receipts for your donations. If you donate through our planned giving program and are registered as a parishioner, we can provide an annual donation receipt to simplify this process.

Encouraging parishioners to consider the tax benefits of donating underlines our commitment to stewardship and mutual support, where your generosity not only aids the parish but also provides a tangible benefit back to you.

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