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We encourage all parishioners of Christchurch West to make a commitment to the following this Lent....

Lent is a sacred time in the Christian calendar, a period of reflection, prayer, and preparation for Easter. It spans 40 days, mirroring Jesus' time of fasting in the wilderness, starting with Ash Wednesday. This season invites us to deepen our relationship with God, engage in acts of penance, and renew our commitment to live out the Gospel's teachings. It's a call to self-examination and spiritual growth, encouraging us to focus on what truly matters: faith, hope, and love. Lent is an opportunity for the parish community to come together, support one another in our spiritual journeys, and emerge renewed and strengthened in our faith as we anticipate the joy of Easter.


Below are links to other means of living a fuller Lent

Some of the content below requires you to be signed up to FORMED.ORG - a content streaming service that is sponsored by the Diocese and provided free to all parishioners in the Diocese.  To sign up follow these simple instructions


  1. Follow the link to the right.

  2. In the box 'find your parish or organisation' type 'Catholic Parish of Christchurch West'.  Click Next.

  3. Type in your Name and Email.  Click Sign Up

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Lent with Brother Francis

A video reflection for every day in Lent, ideal for 5 - 8yr olds.

My Beloved Son

Bishop Robert Barron offers five sermons on the spiritual discipline we must cultivate in the Lenten season, a discipline centered on Christ. These meditations cover topics such as finding our identity in God, prayer as the key to mission, our thirst for God, how to end our alienation from God, and how to embrace the way of happiness joyfully.

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7-week video series will accompany you on your Lenten journey.
Time and again, the people of God are called to ‘be courageous’ and ‘be not afraid.’ Yet, we live in a time where fear seems to guide our very existence. Don’t miss this exciting series with a special guest each week as we seek to follow Jesus into the wilderness this Lent.
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