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Join Us: An Invitation to Worship at Our Parish

Join Us: An Invitation to Worship at Our Parish

Come one, come all! As the sun rises and sets, our doors stand wide open, welcoming you to join us in the sacred embrace of worship. Here, in the heart of our parish, we extend a heartfelt invitation to all seeking solace, community, and spiritual connection. Step into the hallowed halls of our church, where reverence meets rejoicing, and souls are uplifted in harmony. We eagerly await the pleasure of your company, ready to greet you with open arms and warm smiles. Together, let us weave the tapestry of faith, finding strength and solace in each other's presence. Join us, and let our spirits unite in the timeless rhythm of worship.

St Teresa of Lisieux Catholic church in Riccarton

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Jesus Christ truly present In the Eucharist

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Priest blessing parishioner during sacrament of Reconciliation

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