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Holy Orders

Holy Orders in the Catholic Church is a sacrament through which men are ordained and consecrated for specific roles within the Church's hierarchy.


The sacrament of Holy Orders is considered one of the seven sacraments, which are sacred rituals instituted by Jesus Christ to bestow God's grace upon believers.

Serving Christ with our lives

The sacrament of Holy Orders has its foundation in the New Testament, where Jesus Christ appointed the Twelve Apostles as the first leaders of the Church. He gave them the authority to preach, baptise, and celebrate the Eucharist. Through the apostolic succession, the authority and power of the Apostles have been passed down to their successors, the bishops, through the sacrament of Holy Orders.

The sacrament of Holy Orders is rooted in the belief that Jesus Christ himself established a hierarchical structure within the Church. He appointed the Apostles as his closest followers and granted them authority to preach, teach, and govern in his name. This authority was passed down through the ages through the sacrament of Holy Orders, ensuring the continuity of the Church's mission.

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