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Baptism for children who are seven years old or older in the Catholic Church is a sacramental rite in which the child receives the cleansing of original sin and becomes a member of the Church. The child must undergo a period of preparation, which may include catechism classes, before the sacrament is administered.

What do you need to know?

Baptism is one of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church and is considered the first step in a person's journey of faith. It is typically administered to infants, but for children who are seven years old or older and have not yet been baptized, the Church requires a period of preparation to ensure that they are fully aware of the significance of the sacrament and can make a conscious decision to receive it.

If neither parent is Catholic, an appointment with the Parish Priest is needed to discuss Baptism.



The Children's Sacramental Co-ordinator offers an interactive and experiential course three times a year (our next course will be offered in Term 1 2024)
At least one parent is invited to take part.

To enroll your child in the course, fill out the form below and wait for further details.

Baptism elements

If one or both parent(s) are Catholic please fill in the following form 

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